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The bitcoin rate n beats a dollar

With the global health crisis and the threats of an economic recession as a result of the paralysis of the business machinery, great experts point out the possibility that the bitcoin rate will end up giving the dollar a bump.
Many continue to be restrained when they touch on the subject, while many others have given themselves the task of expressing their analyzes through social networks.

Such is the case of Robert Kiyosaki, businessman recognized by his bestseller “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” who has spent years monitoring the process of both currencies and today accuses the dollar of having stopped helping the world after 71.
In his analysis, Kiyosaki affirms that with all this process, the dollar has made the poor and the middle class poorer and the wealthier richer, thus leaving a great debt in world society, because it is not only the North American process.
The author of the well-known bestseller, affirms that the irresponsible printing of inorganic banknotes, since they are not supported by any financial system, and the gold reserves are “inflating a great bubble,” which could be out of control.
The businessman highlights that the best current option is the investment of people in the so-called crypto exchange is to work with the bitcoin rate to establish security and reliability parameters.
The possibility that the dollar will be overtaken by the digital currency is one of the most bizarre options for those who have invested their whole lives in this economic mechanism. However, there is a lot of fabric to cut, and experts assure that there are a guarantee and sustainability through the Bitcoin and crypto exchange.
Kiyosaki’s projection and his stance as an entrepreneur is that the traditional economy is going to collapse with government backing on the dollar.

April 15, 2020