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What should you expect when you are picking up a rental car?

When you arrive at the right place for the sake of picking up your rental car. The staff will automatically go through a few checks with you. So, what should you be expecting when you are picking up your rental car? Here is what you should expect

Time is taken to pick up a rental car
When you go picking up your Ferrari rental dubai car, you should have a clue of the possible time to take when picking up the car. The time that you will take will depend on the location of the rental counter and where you are as well. The time of the day will also determine the time that you will take to pick your rental car. The season will also be a major contributor to how long you are likely to take. You might get there and find a long queue or you can find no one at the counter.
What you need to have when picking a rental car
When you are picking a rental car, the first thing they are likely to ask you is whether you have a reservation or not. They may ask for your name or a voucher if you have any. You will need to have your driving license as well as your passport and identification card. A credit card might also be needed when you are collecting your rental car.
Making payments
This is also another thing that you should expect when you are picking up your Ferrari rent a car dubai. If you haven’t pre-booked for the car, you will have to pay for it. If you have requested for extras, you will also have to pay for it. Things such as additional child seats must be paid for.